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You don't have to pay top Dollar to Look Top Dollar In Hewlett!!

The Office Furniture of New York Store supplies the highest quality used office furniture near Hewlett, New York! Our experienced staff will help each step along the buying process. With one of the biggest used office furniture showrooms in New York, you will be able to find exactly what you want. We have streamlined our process to be able to offer the lowest prices in the industry, with most customers saving up to 75% Off M.S.R.P

The Used Office furniture that we source all come from companies who either are looking to design their office differently, looking to downsize or they may moving. We are able to achieve a great purchase price which enables us to pass along the savings to you, our consumer. Give us a Call 631-333-0660 Today or visit us New York Used Office Furniture Showroom to find what your looking for. 

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Hewlett Harbor 
Quite simply, a great place to live! 

The Hewlett area takes its name from John Hewlett and his fami­ly who farmed the land three hundred years ago. It was Hewlett’s dream to establish a safe home and secure livelihood for himself and his family. Willow Pond (our "duck pond") was the watering hole for his livestock.

In 1914, Joseph Auerbach, a famous lawyer, bought most of the land that is now Hewlett Harbor and built a summer residence. In the course of construction of the Auerbach house the remains of an Algonquin Indian chief were found. He was buried with copper beads called "Sewan" by Indians. Auerbach built a country club for use by his friends and named it after the beads. The Seawane Club ( was sold in the 1920's and the new owners determined that the two square miles of land purchased was far in excess of their needs. The excess land was developed and sold for one-family residential lots. No business use of any part of the property in Hewlett Harbor was then, or is now, permitted under Village zoning regulations.

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