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Surplus Asset Management during downsizing, relocation, refreshing or redesign can be a time of, not only upheaval but uncertainty.  When it comes right down to it, your organization has 4 options and you can count on our dedicated professionals to assist you in assessing the most fiscally sound solution for your project.

1.  Reuse of your existing furniture at your new location

2.  Resale of eligible surplus assets on the secondary market

3.  Donation of surplus assets to not for profit organizations for reuse.  Build your social equity.

4.  Disposal through  a Certified Waste Management firm, enabling you to receive a report detailing what

     percentage of your non-eligible surplus has been recycled.

Cubicles, Workstations and Benching

Our experienced installation team will install Workstations, Cubicles and Benching to your team's specifications.  The average labor cost for the disassembly and removal of a single cubicle can range between $125-200, which may or may not include disposal.  Consider now, the cost of purchasing new workstations and factor in the storage, shipping, labor and installation costs, per cubicle.  The expenses related to transition add up quickly; our aim is to provide your company with cost effective, Sustainable Solutions, reducing your overall budget.

Our dedicated team will work with you, your design team and your corporate office to create the environment you desire.  We will meet with your team to; solidify all specifications, create a time line for completion, review your budget and provide you with a comprehensive plan to meet your project goals.

We offer both new and pre-owned furniture, workstations, and case goods and our of our refurbishment is done in house.  This allows you to select color, dimensions, trim for our variety of office furnishings.

Our dedicated Project Manager will execute your plan so that you can get back to your business at hand.

Our available variety of seating changes weekly due to the volume of liquidations we coordinate.  Executive Seating, Task Chairs, Conference Seating, Soft Seating,  we have it all, at affordable costs to suit your budget.

Call us today to compare our selection and pricing. 

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About Office Furniture of New York

Office Furniture of New York offers a wide portfolio of services. We are a group of forward thinking professionals who offer solutions for asset management, large and small scale furniture liquidations, and relocations.  We offer a variety of pre-owned,  office furniture and refurbished workstations. Our Executive team is comprised of a group of experienced professionals.  We are able to assist you in developing and executing a comprehensive plan to complete your project, on time, on budget with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

Our dedicated Project Managers will work in conjunction with your team members and your corporate office to provide you with the most fiscally sound, sustainable solution.  Allow us to assemble a team to dismantle, relocate and reassemble your furniture and workstations.  Additionally we are able to provide you with pre-owned furniture, refurbished workstations and case goods.  Our team of experienced craftsmen refurbish all workstations and furnishings at our in house workshop.  You can specify color, trim, and reduce your budget significantly.  We offer solutions for all price points.


Call us today to explore your options and discuss the opportunity to utilize your relocation as a point of inflection and craft the most desirable, affordable and sustainable solutions.  



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50 Schmitt Blvd
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